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General Information

Thief, Demoniac

Damage: See below.

Backstabbing is the art of sneaking up on a person, and placing a sharp weapon into a vital area of your target. The chance of successfully backstabbing a person depends on a combination of factors including your skill level at backstab, your level, your skill at hiding, circling, the level of your target, and the power of your weapon. Targets who haven't relaxed from the fury of combat may be too alert to sneak up on. You can backstab someone that is in combat, but it only does half the normal damage. This attack has a 1-3 round delay.

Backstab damage:

  • Levels 1-50 : (weapon damage x level) + damroll
  • Levels 51-60+: (weapon damage x level) + damroll + Nobility Bonus


backstab <target>