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General Information

Paladin, Samurai, Warrior

Cost: 70 Moves
Damage: (<level> to <level>*5) + damroll

The player swings their weapon madly as they scream and run at their target. If successful, they do more damage than normal on the first attack and knock their target down. However, if the charge fails, then the player will find themselves on their tail getting pounded on by the attacking mob. This skill has a 2 round delay if you connect or a 4 round delay if you miss your target. You must be wearing a shield to use this skill (bucklers don't count) and you will do more damage if using a polearm. Addtionally, you will do 150% damage if riding a mount.

Note: Samurai don't require a shield to use this skill.


charge <victim>

Related Spells or Skills

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