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Enchant Weapon

General Information


Cost: 100 mana
Castable on: weapon
Duration: permanent

This will enchant a single non-magical weapon with an added hitroll and damroll dependent on the level of the caster. The weapon must not have any other enchantments on it to be able to use this spell. A good caster will enchant a weapon to be anti-evil and vice versa, a neutral caster will enchant the weapon so that it can be used by any alignment.

  • Level 1 - 17: Hitroll +1 Damroll +1
  • Level 18 - 19: Hitroll +2 Damroll +1
  • Level 20 - 29: Hitroll +2 Damroll +2
  • Level 30 - 49: Hitroll +3 Damroll +3
  • Level 50+: Hitroll +4 Damroll +4


cast 'enchant weapon' <weapon>

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