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General Information


Cost: 40 mana
Castable on: self
Duration: 24 hours

This spell allows a necromancer to assume an undead form to gain special powers and abilities. The necromancer doesn't fully become the undead creature, instead having properties of his own natural race and the target undead creature. Here's a list of undead forms and the effects:

Skeleton+2 Damroll
Phantom-35 AC, -2 STR, Fly, Sense Life
Spectre+10% magic resistance, +4 STR, +Level HP
Hellspawn+3 hitroll, fire breath (level d4 damage, save for half), +Level x2 HP, +1 STR, +1 size
Lich+5% magic resistance, +3 damroll, sense life, chill touch attack (level d10 damage, save for half (costs 35 mana))
Devil+2 hitroll, +5 damroll, +3 STR, -20 AC, fire breath (level d6 damage, save for half), sense life


mortify <creature>