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General Information

A sturdy horse can be valuable to the adventurer. Using a mount will save you movement points and give you combat bonuses. You may purchase mounts at the stablemaster in Midgaard (and other places). To ride your mount you must have practiced the skill ride which is taught by the riding instructor at the Midgaard Corral. To stop riding, simply type dismount. Fighters can use their mounts (automatically) in combat to attack their foes. Mounts will attack based on level (after level 15). All classes receive a bonus to AC when mounted, but Fighters receive a larger bonus. Attacking someone's mount is treated like a PKILL. Your mount's movement points will show on score with the command 'display mount'. Any EXP your mount earns will be awarded to you.


mount horse, mount report (to have your mount report its condition to you), dismount

Related Spells or Skills

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