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Set Traps

General Information

Ranger, Thief, Demoniac

Damage: Varies, see below.

Once you learn to set traps you will be able to create traps to defeat your victims. Some traps cause great damage and have nasty side effects. To create a trap you must have the correct supplies. There is rumored to be a black market for such wares above the thieves guild though similar shops may exist elsewhere in the realms. The types of traps are:

  • Alarm - Signals when something enters the room
  • Caltrop - Does damage to the first person entering the room
  • Snare - Does minor damage and delays the first person entering
  • PoisonDart - A tiny dart hits the victim causing poison in some cases
  • Net - A large net covers everyone in the room causing a delay to everyone
  • Gas - Noxious fumes explode causing damage to everyone
  • Snakes - Venomous snakes strike out at everyone in the room
  • Acid - Acid vials explode coating everyone in the room
  • SpikePit - The victim falls into a concealed pit covered with spikes
  • Cavein - In tunnels causes massive damage to everyone in the room
The damage a trap inflicts is based on the level of the person who set the trap. <Level>d1 for caltrops up to <level>d10 and higher for some of the high level hazards.


trap <type>

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