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General Information


Cost: 30 mana
Castable on: self
Duration: 24 hours

This spell allows a Druid to polymorph into the form of other animals. The Druid doesn't fully assume the new form but takes on the properties of both her own natural race and the new animal form. Higher level Druids can change into more powerful creatures - here's a list and the effects:

Wolf+1 Hitroll, +2 Damroll
Bat-1 Strength, -2 Size, Sense Life, Fly
Snake-1 Size, +2 Hitroll, Aqualung, Poison Attack ((<level>/2)d3)
Bear+3 Strength, +Level MaxHP+1 Damroll, +2 Size
Hawk-1 Size, -5 Armor, +3 Damroll, Fly
Plant-5 Hitroll, -5 Damroll, Vigor, Superior Regeneration
Elephant+4 Strength, -25 Armor, <level>x2 MaxHP, +6 Size
Back Widow-3 Size, +6 Hitroll, +4 Damroll, Poison Attack (<level>d5)
Wyvern+2 Strength, +4 Damroll, Sense Life, See Invisibility, Fly, Claws
Dragon+5 Strength, +2 Hitroll, +4 Damroll, -30 Armour, +Level MaxHP, +5 Size, Fly, Aqualung, Fire Breath (<level>d6 no save)


shapechange <animal>