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General Information

Thief, Demoniac

Use steal to steal gold or items from people. The chance of not getting caught depends on how well you have practiced steal, if the person is asleep, the weight of the thing you are trying to steal, and on the difference in levels of the stealer and the stolen-from. It is harder to steal from thieves than from other classes. Due to misuse of the steal command, the skill now requires the user to be at least Level 15 to steal from other players. In addition, you must be within 30 levels of your victim. You can still steal from monsters at all levels. Futhermore steal takes time to perform, you can't just rush in, steal 20-30 times and quit (unless you have a lot of time). If you are caught attempting to steal from another player, you will become known as a player-thief and attacked on sight by law enforcers. Other players will also be able to attack you without becoming player-killers themselves. Also, if you do successfully steal from another player, shhhhh. If you go bragging about it or make it widely known some immortal might get into their head to set your player-thief flag :) You can steal from people while fighting but only if you are not actively tanking and your combat style is set to defensive.

Hint: Any class can steal from someone who is sleeping.


steal <target>