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Builder's Handbook

Calling all builders!

We are always looking for capable builders with fresh ideas. If you are interested in building here, the first step is to become familiar with the MUD. Explore the world of Kallisti! Once you have a good feel for the realms and have a good idea that will fit in with our world check out the Handbook below to see what's possible. When you are ready to start building contact Ivy on the mud for a zone number and let her know if you need any special procedures coded. Remember: build when you feel like it and have fun with it!

The latest copy of the Builder's Handbook (100k, .pdf file) may be downloaded from this page.

The current version number is 4.3 from February 2019. A compression utility, such as WinZip, will be needed to unzip it.

Mob Prog Handbook

An excellent article about area-building in general may be found here: The Art of Building