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Priests are the holy men and women of society, the faithful who worship the gods of the realm, and carry out their beliefs. They are highly skilled in all arts of healing and divine protection, from restoring wounds and removing poisons, to providing sanctuary and protections from evil and the undead.

Having a general distaste for combat, clerics are forbidden the use of all edged and ranged weapons, and may only use blunted ones, such as maces, staves, and clubs. When the need to fight cannot be avoided, they can fight well.

Prime Requisite: Wisdom

Specialization Options

Priest is the base class. Upon reaching level 10+ they can specialize into a Druid, Prophet, or Templar.

Spells and Skills
Level 1 : heal
Level 1 : harm
Level 2 : satiate
Level 4 : refresh
Level 4 : swim
Level 5 : shield use
Level 6 : know alignment
Level 6 : ride

Level 7 : bless
Level 8 : true seeing
Level 9 : cure
Level 10 : blunt weapons
Level 12 : know monster
Level 18 : calm
Level 26 : vigor
Level 37 : lore

The Cleric Guild

The Cleric's Guild is s w n w from the temple of Midgaard.

You may learn new skills and spells while in the guild by typing practice or level up by typing gain.