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  Lv Class   Name / Title  Race 

[ Immortal ] Ivy is back from the far reaches of history. (other)
[ 66Barbarian ] Turod the Highlander (troglodyte)
[ 59Templar ] Selmak Lord of Sin (dwarf)
[ 59Druid ] Loki the trickster (eldar)
[ 58Prophet ] Moonlight. (half-elf)
[ 55Barbarian ] Xarni , the father of giants. (troll)
[ 54Demoniac ] Elric the clockwork assassin. (troglodyte)
[ 42Barbarian ] Fargo the BattleMaster (ogre)
[ 36Druid ] Andromeda the Law of Nature (minotaur)
[ 15Rogue ] Scarn by all (minotaur)
[ 2Mage ] Rhaziel the Spell Student (drow)

11 players, none of which are nobles.