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  Lv Class   Name / Title  Race 

[ 52Templar ] Kidra The healer of the Paragons (eldar)
[ 50Necromancer ] Xrus the Son of Death (human)
[ 31Necromancer ] Mlixx Death is Magic (drow)
[ 30Barbarian ] Romu is playing from work, so might miss your tell accidentally (minotaur)
[ 30Demoniac ] Hades the Anti-Christ Superstar (ogre)
[ 11Rogue ] Iza the Robber (human)
[ 10Necromancer ] Crusher the Abjurer (duergar)
[ 6Mage ] Jonny the Scribe of Magic (eldar)
[ 2Rogue ] Mohanjot the Footpad (human)

9 players, none of which are nobles.