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  Lv Class   Name / Title  Race 

[ Immortal ] Ivy has a title. (other)
[ Immortal ] Sammy's 3422title 8231needs 2199more 3210thought (other)
[ 72Paladin ] Winterhart the handsy (half-elf)
[ 64Monk ] Bolo the GrandMaster (dwarf)
[ 61Necromancer ] Kackerlacka The Common Lisp (hellspawn)
[ 57Fire Wizard ] Prometheus SnowflakeFinder von Frankenstein (drow)
[ 54Ranger ] Smith the Highlander (troll)
[ 54Samurai ] Tod comes ripping (half-orc)
[ 41Assassin ] Colenzo Likes Squishy Things (eldar)
[ 40Barbarian ] Alvanoto the Bounty Hunter (troglodyte)
[ 21Prophet ] Ilsa is a slow healer. (elf)
[ 1Rogue ] Rihfe the Pilferer (human)

12 players, none of which are nobles.