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Telnet Clients

Connecting to Legends of Kallisti

If you do not have access to Java, telnet is probably the quickest way to experience the world of Kallisti. Most operating systems that have network capability are shipped with at least a basic telnet program or a terminal program that supports this protocol. If you already have a telnet program installed, click here to connect to the mud!

To connect manually, run your telnet program, start a new connection, and enter the following information into the appropriate places:

Host Name:
Port: 4000
Terminal Emulation: vt100, vt320, or ANSI

If you wish to view the MUD in color, it's recommended that the vt320 or ANSI terminal emultions be selected.

No Telnet Client?

If you do not have access to a pre-installed telnet program and would like to download one, and have a large variety for nearly every operating system free for download. Use the search bar at the top of either page and follow the instructions for downloading and installing the program. You may need an unzip program to use these files. If so, download one while you're there.

You may also wish to try connecting directly from your browser using java or by using a MUD client.