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Immortal and Mortal Contributors


Sammy - Chief Architect
Ivy - Director of Resources

Sammy and Ivy: Support Email


Coyote - Server Support
Abraham - Head Writer, Story Development
Syrinx - Conceptual Engineer
Kelnale - Email List Administration

All Immortals: Immortals Email

Gone, But Not Forgotten

MGI, BoB, Dionysus, Flux, Valor, Dridus, Xerus, Page, Locutus, Mort, Secret, Osmosis, Lagg, Arcadia, Raphael, Venis, Beeba, Glo, Mienna, Midnight, Myth, Yojimbo, Toozdae, Finley, Arianna, Raistlinn, Sea, Frost, Kitten, Rasta, Kerril, Draco