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MUD Clients

What's So Great About a Client?

While Java will get you online very quickly and telnet offers a fast connection (and is likely already installed on your system), the most popular way by far to connect to Legends of Kallisti is through a MUD client. A MUD client is an application similar to telnet, but one that offers a number of features and benefits of use to players of MUDs and other online role-playing systems.

Some of the best reasons to use a client include aliases, triggers and sound support. An alias is similar to a macro in a word processor program. You may, for instance, wish to create an alias for cast 'magic missile' that is a bit shorter: cmm is a good example. Once that is done, only cmm needs to be typed at the prompt for the spell to be cast.

Triggers (called events in some clients) are simply aliases that are touched off automatically as a certain line of text is received from the mud. One example of this might be to set a trigger for eating, so that when the line 'You are hungry.' appears onscreen, the program automatically sends 'eat bread' to the game.

If the client has MSP support, you will be able to listen to the effects of spells, skills, battles and more as the events unfold on screen. For information regarding Legend of Kallisti's MSP Pack, including download and installation instructions, please see our MUD Sounds page or type help sound while playing the game.

Popular MUD Clients

There are a number of clients out there and rather than list every single one, we've listed a select few that stand out from the rest. If you use a client that isn't listed here, please tell us about it so we can add the listing.

Microsoft Windows: zMUD, WinTin, Mudlet
MacOS: Tintin++, Mudlet
Linux/Unix: TinTin++, TinyFugue, Mudlet
Android: Tintin++
iOS: MudRammer

For those that choose TinTin++ as their client there is a pack that improves accessibility and makes extensive use of our MUD Server Data Protocol variables. Check out the pack's gitlab page Please note that the location of the client has change. If you already have the kallisti pack from github: to easily update your existing installation, change to the tintin-kallisti-pack/.git/ directory, then run sed -i 's#github.*/' config or just reclone the pack with the new address, which ever you feel more comfortable doing.

How to Connect

To connect to Legends of Kallisti using a MUD client, you will need the following information:

Host Name:
Port: 4000
Terminal Emulation: vt100, vt320, or ANSI
IP Address:

If you wish to view the MUD in color, it's recommended that the vt320 or ANSI terminal emultions be selected.

The client should not need the IP address, but if it has difficulty resolving the host name then the address should be used instead.

Don't See Anything You Like?

If you do not have access to a MUD client and would like to see what clients are available for your OS, has a large list of clients for nearly every operating system. Search with google to find out information on the different clients.

You may also wish to try connecting directly from your browser using java or by using telnet.