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Features Index

Places to go, things to kill.

Check out some of the cool things to do online on Legends of Kallisti by clicking one of the links on the menu at left or below.

  • Twenty classes to try.
  • Twenty One races to try.
  • 100+ levels with nobility bonuses and titles.
  • A large number of Skills, Spells, and Proficiencies to try with practice ranks.
  • Over 200 zones to explore.
  • Crafting Items using Proficiencies.
  • An account based system with bonuses to keep track of all of your characters.
  • When you get to level 75 or so you can remort your character, keeping one ability from your prior life.
  • A paragon character type which provides account bonuses but, when you die, resets you to level 1.
  • Account based player houses to store you items in.
  • Bloodlines to improve your parent characters.
  • A Meta Sage so you can purchase improvements to your stats and hit, mana, and stamina.
  • Many quests
  • Cabals and Clans.
  • Special holiday events.
  • And much more!