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A vast wilderness exists as a separate continent accessible only by ship. You can expect great peril in the wilderness but also rewards not found anywhere else - such as random encounters with nasty creatures (around a similar level to you or your group), unique "end game" puzzles to find and solve, new races to unlock, unique gear, new skills, new levels beyond 100 and more.

The wilderness is displayed as an ascii graphical display map that can be toggled. The radius of view is determined by time of day and weather conditions. Use the SURVEY command to get a larger display at the cost of stamina. The ORIENTEERING skill can help find your way and for BLIND MODE players, there is a text description of the ascii output in cardinal directions.

The symbols used:

. Field ~ Shallow Water
. Desert ~ Deep Water
* Forest ~ Underwater
- Trail ~ Beach
( Hills x Jungle
^ Mountain _ Snow
^ Peak - Swamp
. Air = Bridge
+ City o Inside