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Immortal and Mortal Contributors


Sammy - Chief Architect, Story Development
Ivy - Director of Resources, Head Writer, Story Development

Sammy and Ivy: Support Email. An email to this list has a 24 hour response time. The best way to get a password reset is to create a new account and ask on gossip or advice.


Coyote - Server Support
Syrinx - Conceptual Engineer
Kelnale - Email List Administration
Contributing Coders: Kensho, Mardanst
Contributing Builders: Vajra

All Immortals: Immortals Email

Gone, But Not Forgotten

MGI, BoB, Flux, Abraham, Valor, Dridus, Xerus, Page, Locutus, Mort, Secret, Osmosis, Lagg, Arcadia, Raphael, Venis, Beeba, Glo, Mienna, Midnight, Myth, Yojimbo, Toozdae, Finley, Arianna, Raistlinn, Sea, Frost, Kitten, Rasta, Kerril, Draco, Impala

These lists are but a selection of names. There are many many people (mortals and immortals alike) who have participated in Kallisti since we started in 1992 helping to make it what it is today. There are many more that are currently involved. Way too many people to list all of them! Even if you are not included, you are not forgotten!

We thank ALL of you for your past, current, and future work on Kallisti!
Happy Mudding!
Ivy and Sammy.