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Legends of Kallisti MUD has been operating totally 100% free for its users since 1992 and will remain free for everyone as long as possible. However, server hardware, internet bandwidth, and ongoing maintenance costs are a fact of life and it does cost money to keep Kallisti operational.

If you would like to contribute to Legends of Kallisti to assist in its continuing operation and expansion, we would greatly appreciate any donations. Contributing will in no way improve your character or gain you special benefits, but it will ensure that we can keep Kallisti alive and growing. And, hey, who knows? That warm fuzzy feeling might be effective in fighting cancer or something.

Please direct all donations to Sam.

You can paypal Sammy at Thorntater

Sam also has a venmo address. Please contact support for it.

Please include your email address and either your real name or a handle to be included in this list of contributors if you so desire. If you have any question about how, precisely, your contribution will be used, feel free to contact Sam.