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Throughout history, those who could master the forces of magic have been both worshiped and feared. The magic-users of Legends of Kallisti have devoted their lives to the study of the arcane, to channel the powers of magic, for beneficial or destructive purposes. Their knowledge of various spells is contained in the spellbooks, an invaluable possession, for they cannot cast their spells without one. Some spend years searching for legendary tomes of magic containing secrets of rare and deadly spells, devised by wizards of long ago.

Mages have spent most of their lives in study, therefore neglecting the arts of warfare and combat. Hence, magic-users cannot use most weapons and armour, and are limited to small daggers, staves, robes and various magical protection, such as rings and cloaks. They are also quite weak in physical combat, preferring the protection of a strong warrior while they prepare their spells.

Prime Requisite: Intelligence.

Specialization Options

Mage is the base class. Upon reaching level 10+ they can specialize into a Necromancer or a Wizard.

Spells and Skills
Level 1 : zap
Level 2 : strength
Level 4 : dispel magic
Level 4 : swim
Level 5 : familiar
Level 6 : ride
Level 8 : sleep
Level 9 : detect poison
Level 10 : chill touch
Level 10 : edged weapons
Level 10 : precision spells
Level 10 : blunt weapons
Level 11 : orienteering
Level 11 : ventriloquate
Level 12 : know monster
Level 15 : fear
Level 20 : armor use
Level 20 : natural weapons
Level 20 : shield use
Level 24 : identify
Level 31 : wrangling
Level 47 : manaseer
Level 50 : building
Level 51 : fly
The Mage Guild

The Mage's Guild is 2s 2w 2s e from the temple of Midgaard.

You may learn new skills and spells while in the guild by typing practice or level up by typing gain.