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Monastis are warriors who practice the martial arts. Monastics are restricted from using many types of armor and weapons because such things would interfere with their skills. They make up for this by using special and bare-handed fighting techniques. All Monastics (including Monks and Samurai) deliver extra damage with their bare hands. The level can be increased (or decreased) based on special monk gloves. Increasing specialization in natural weapons also increases this damage. Offhand attacks do roughly 66% of what the primary attack does.

Prime Requisites: Constitution, Dexterity

Specialization Options

Monastic is the base class. Upon reaching level 10+ they can specialize into a Monk or Samurai.

Spells and Skills
Level 1 : kick
Level 2 : critical hits
Level 3 : sweep
Level 4 : swim
Level 5 : dodge
Level 6 : ride
Level 7 : climb
Level 10 : blunt weapons
Level 10 : edged weapons
Level 10 : multi attack
Level 10 : natural weapons
Level 10 : ranged weapons
Level 11 : combination attacks
Level 11 : orienteering
Level 12 : disarm
Level 13 : blind fighting
Level 15 : shihonage
Level 16 : meditate
Level 18 : focus
Level 24 : hunt
Level 27 : rescue
Level 31 : wrangling
Level 32 : awareness
Level 35 : retarget
Level 36 : lore
Level 38 : soul cloak
Level 50 : building

The Monastery

The Monastary is 2s 6e 2s from the temple of Midgaard.

You may learn new skills and spells while in the guild by typing practice or level up by typing gain.