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Scourge to some, heroes to others, rogues live on the fringes of society, earning their living off the work and toil of others. They are skilled in various arts of deception, trickery and dirty tricks, from lock picking and stealing, to feign death and disguise. Theft has always been their primary ability, and means of support, but it takes careful skill and quick wits to escape the watchful eyes of the Midgaard guard patrols.

When backed into a fight, the rogue does have some offensive capabilities. They will always try to get in the first hit, striking from behind with a deadly backstab. Once combat is initiated, the rogue will try to circle his opponent, looking for weak spots to attack, or feign death to avoid further attacks. Because of a preference for agility and quickness, rogues shun heavy armours and weaponry, preferring lighter and smaller tools of combat.

Rogues are also quite useful when adventuring into the unknown; their knack for detecting traps, picking locks, and scouting ahead for danger are all invaluable in the pursuit of fame and fortune in Legends of Kallisti.

Prime Requisite: Dexterity

Specialization Options

Rogue is the base class. Upon reaching level 10+ they can specialize into a Assassin, Bard, or Demoniac.

Spells and Skills
Level 1 : backstab
Level 1 : critical hits
Level 4 : kick
Level 4 : swim
Level 6 : sneak
Level 6 : ride
Level 7 : climb
Level 8 : hide
Level 9 : peek
Level 9 : palm
Level 10 : dodge
Level 10 : armor use
Level 10 : blunt weapons
Level 10 : edged weapons
Level 10 : ranged weapons
Level 10 : natural weapons
Level 10 : shield use
Level 10 : orienteering
Level 12 : multi attack
Level 13 : trip
Level 15 : trap mastery
Level 15 : blind fighting
Level 18 : disarm
Level 20 : hunt
Level 21 : feign death
Level 22 : lore
Level 25 : gouge
Level 32 : lure
Level 50 : building

The Rogue Guild

The Rogue Guild is 3s 3w s e s from the temple of Midgaard.

You may learn new skills and spells while in the guild by typing practice or level up by typing gain.